Woman Slips and Falls… Into a New Life?

It’s not often that something good comes out of a slip-and-fall. Today, though, it rekindled an old romance, and it even helped one woman find her newest family member. 

Meet Jessica Allred. Lately, Mrs. Allred has been a little unhappy with the direction her life has been going. While the income from her job is nice, she felt like it was all a dead-end. 

“I mean, I guess I should be happier about the whole marriage thing, and having a job, but. . . I don’t know. I was thinking pretty seriously about just getting a divorce, quitting my job, and starting over on the other side of the country. At least, until the accident.” 

It wasn’t a huge accident, but it was one that would change her life. She and her husband, Byron, were staying at a fancy hotel for their anniversary. According to Jessica, it was pretty boring. She was, in fact, on her way to people-watch by the pool, when she slipped on the stairs. 

She thought for a moment, “Maybe a personal injury claim is in my future. . .great.” Then, someone helped her up. 

Jessica claims the woman looked like an angel, though that “could have been because of the overhead lights.” She was, in fact, Miss Elsa Holt, a professional psychic. 

“Oh dear, you look lost. Do you need help finding your way?” 

When questioned, Miss Holt claims she meant the first aid desk—she had stopped by earlier for a bandage. But Jessica took that much more literally. 

“I hadn’t expected Jessica to be so receptive.” Elsa Holt shrugged. “Honestly, I didn’t even have to pull out the oracle cards or the crystal ball or anything like that. She spilled her life story to me right there in the hallway, and I told her what I thought. She didn’t even seem to mind that she was standing there on a sprained ankle.” 

After that, Jessica claims she was a whole new woman. “Of course, my first step was to ditch my husband. He was such a drag, and allergic to everything, too!” Byron declined to comment on any of this. 

So, where is Jessica Allred now? 

“Happily single and ready to mingle. . .with my cats!” After divorcing her husband, Miss Allred decided to pursue her dream of opening a cat cafe. The compensation for her slip-and-fall accident made a big dent in her initial expenses. She’s currently a big hit with local animal lovers and the shelter nearby. 

Of course, she still turns to Elsa Holt for regular advice, but now, she’s happier and healthier than ever. “And all it took was falling down the stairs to get my life back in order!” She smiles, holding up a Persian, who doesn’t look too happy to be here. “I can’t believe that’s all it took, can you?” 

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