Taking a Risk on Love: How Two Divorced Bank Robbers Found Each Other

Sometimes, we find love in the most unexpected places. 

That’s what both Benjamin and Maria Avery—names changed to protect their privacy—thought when they met in the middle of a bank robbery they were both committing. 

“I mean it was love at first sight,” Benjamin said, taking his wife and partner-in-crime’s hand. “Besides, it’s not like we have to worry about having similar hobbies, right?” 

The pair met after they both targeted the same bank in a robbery attempt. At first, they thought they may end up fighting over the money they received.

“I mean, they were already piling the cash into my bag, the one with a big dollar sign.” Maria points to the big burlap sack now permanently retired (according to the couple) to a coat hook by the door. “I wasn’t going to let some random dude take my hard-earned cash, right? But those eyes and mouth peeking out from the ski mask? I could already tell, he was a real cutie.” 

Benjamin remembers bursting into the bank with his own gun and bag, insisting everyone get on the ground—only to be confused by the crowds already huddled on the ground. He sighs happily, remembering the moment Maria demanded he come over and help her get the vault open. 

“I mean, we just got on the same wavelength right away. It was something I never had with my ex.” 

The pair both felt, after their former marriages dissolved, they wouldn’t find another partner so easily. After decades of marriage to other people, the two were both trying to find themselves. Of course, that led them both down the same path of robbing banks. 

Once they escaped from the police—conveniently, they escaped in the same stolen car—they decided to have a little dinner and a movie with their new funds a few states away. 

“Our first date was to see Point Break, which was just terrible. Have you seen it? Ugh, so unrealistic.” Maria shakes her head, but clearly, she has some fond memories of their first date. 

“He’s not so great at picking movies, but he’s been the best partner I’ve ever had. I mean, he can spot a security camera faster than anyone else. How could I not fall in love with that? But, we hit a few more banks, we had a few more dates, and we’ve been together ever since.” 

Their daughter from Benjamin’s previous marriage, who has now left for college and is studying to become a personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge, wrinkles her nose when asked about her parents’ story. “Ugh, they’re just so sappy, you know? It’s like, I know you own the house and all, but seriously, get a room.” 

The couple is celebrating their fifth anniversary, which is coincidentally the statute of limitations for bank robbery on the federal level. They plan to celebrate with a “staycation” this year, basking in finally finding happiness with a kindred soul. 

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